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The Kassel Dummy Award Archive (2010-2023)

Browse the previous winners and shortlists of one of the first photobook dummy awards worldwide. It’s a big honour for the PhotoBookMuseum to continue the long tradition and uphold the legacy of the Kassel Dummy Award.

The Fotobook Festival Kassel Archive (2008-2018)

Browse the fascinating history of Germany’s first photobook festival. A lot of sweet memories and many well remembered encounters for the PhotoBookMuseum team. Thank you Dieter Neubert! 

The Kassel Photobook Award Archive (2008-2018)

Browse the 10 year history of the KASSEL PHOTOBOOK AWARD. Every year Dieter Neubert invited around 30 international experts to selected their favorite photobook. The selected books were shown during the KASSEL FOTOBOOK FESTIVAL and visitors had the opportunity to choose their over-all favorites.

The PhotoPaper Archive (2016-2021)

Browse trough the more than 50 edition of PHOTOPAPER, a monographic photo publication with a continuously changing editorial team of international experts. PHOTOPAPER was initiated by Dieter Neubert in 2016 and halted in 2021.
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