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Dummy Award 2023

383 books from 46 countries were submitted for the 2023 Dummy Award.
The shortlist selection resulted in 50 photobooks.

Winners 2023

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Dummy Award 23! 

Out of the 50 shortlisted books, 5 winning titles were carefully selected, taking into account public and curators’ votes from the 17 venues the shortlist has been exhibited.

All winning books will receive a 25% production grant for printing their books at MAS printing house, Istanbul and our full promotion support. 

“Tropical Trauma Misery Tour” by Rafael Roncato receives the PBM/MAS Prize. It will produced and published by MAS Matbaa in cooperation with the PhotoBookMuseum later this year. Stay tuned!

Tropical Trauma Misery Tour

by Rafael Roncato, NL/BR



Intriguing and thought-provoking, the “Tropical Trauma Misery Tour” photobook of the Brazilian Rafael Roncato is a brilliant foray into the style of a detective novel, unfolding against the media spectacle surrounding Brazilian President Jair Messias Bolsonaro—The Myth. The focus on the pivotal year of 2018, marked by Bolsonaro’s stabbing during a polarized presidential campaign, sees the former president assuming a central role in an online political campaign where he maintains complete control over his narrative and self-presentation.

The book stands as a testament to creativity, audacity, and exceptional intelligence. I was thoroughly captivated by its enchanting and exotic style, adeptly exploring the intricate political narratives shaping our world. Through a captivating blend of creative elements and editorial tactics, this book emerges as a vital tool, encouraging individuals to widely disseminate its message while condemning the dangers associated with misinformation. The blending of reality becomes a mode of resistance, unfolding as a meta-drama within the realm of political farce. This magnificent piece serves as an ironic guide, decoding the intricacies of Brazilian politics and media manipulation. It not only visually captures the impact of events but also acts as a potent gauge of the blurred line between truth and political performance.

A must-see for those seeking a visual journey into the heart of contemporary Brazilian political discourse, and for other countries that are contagiously impacted by this powerful farce.

Ângela Berlinde,
artist, curator, researcher

Book Info

Size: 10,8 x 16,9 cm
Pages: 306

Author: Rafael Roncato
Design: Mateus Acioli

Photography Firmly Enters the Everyday

by Anna Pylypyuk & Volodymir Shypotilnykov, UKR


This photobook emerges as a victor for its unique portrayal of everyday life in Soviet Ukraine through the lens of amateur photography. Featuring more than 370 anonymous images sourced from flea markets and online auctions, “Photography Firmly Enters the Everyday” provides a window into the social fabric during the communist project of the 20th century in Ukraine.

The collaborative work of photographers duo Volodymyr Shypotilnykov and Anna Pylypyuk enriches the narrative, collecting both the ordinary and extraordinary moments with depth and insight.

These photographs serve as more than mere images; they stand as tangible records of social existence, immortalizing the essence of a bygone era and offering invaluable insights into the complexities of the human experience.

Anastasiia Leonova,
publisher, art manager and curator, co-founder of IST Publishing house 

Book Info

Size: 23 x 28 cm
Pages: 160
hardcover, open spine

Authors: Anna Pylypyuk & Volodymir Shypotilnykov
Design: Yura Kolomiets 


by Julia Mejnertsen, DK


“HUN” is an amazing book, that takes you on a ride trough nine chapters and leaves you shot with a bullet.

In “HUN” danish photographer Julia Mejnertsen brings together, in a congenial way, the realms of her mother’s hunting hobby and her own approach to photography. She is dissecting the different levels of her controversial relationship to hunting by depictions of animals and nature in zoos, sketches of Elephants and typological drawings of Dumbo, hunting scenes in Zimbabwe, conversations between mother and daughter and questions to the reader. In her own words: „to tell us a story about how white, Western societies have structured and shaped the world’s cultural understanding of nature“. It’s an excellent not only conceptional but highly visual investigation into her own family’s relationship. Her often sequential photography and her very subtle and psychological approach proves the book form to be ideal for such a great long-term photographic project.

Congratulations Julia! Looking forward to holding a printed copy of your book very soon! “HUN” has also won the Fiebre Dummy award in 2023 and will be published by Spanish publisher Dalpine very soon!   

Frederic Lezmi,
artistic director The PhotoBookMuseum

Book Info

Size: 17,2 x 23,2 cm
Pages: 446
softcover, bullet hole in the back

Author: Julia Mejnertsen
Design: Ricardo Báez


by Marco Marzocchi, IT


In his captivating photobook “BULLET,” Marco Marzocchi invites us on an intimate journey through the intricacies of his deeply personal quest for meaning. Consisting of 500 images of people, archives and landscapes, flanked by short texts, poems and material which has been gathered over several years, “BULLET” forms a summary of the 48 years which make up Marzocchi’s life until now. It is a search for the right questions to ask in order to make sense of past experiences.

Impulsive snapshots and short written notes which gradually become poems intersected by archival material form a dense rhythm of questions, suggested answers and yet deeper questions. Marzocchi skillfully navigates through the complexities of his own narrative, using the qualities of photography as a medium to articulate the ineffable, to trace connections and draw conclusions through association.

“BULLET” is a nuanced exploration of not just Marzocchi’s life but also the universal quest for understanding and searching for meaning.

Lilli Weinstein,
photographer, project coordinator Dummy Award

Book Info

Size: 20 x 25,8 cm
Pages: 320 

Author: Marco Marzocchi


by Amelie Sachs, DE


“Vergissmeinnicht by Amelie Sachs deals with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a menstrual disorder that affects up to 15% of women of childbearing age. Amelie herself suffered from this condition for ten years.

The diary-like realisation of this photo book gives us an intimate insight into her own medical history and how she deals with it. The outstanding dramaturgy, which is made up of subjective mood pictures, self-portraits, medical reports and diary entries, enables us to understand this suffering in an impressive way.

However, Amelie’s courageous work goes beyond the mere depiction of a personal story. She deliberately breaks with one of the many taboo subjects in the field of women’s health, which often remain in the shadows and receive too little public attention. With her unique perspective, Amelie not only manages to open up and inform this field through her artistic realisation, but also to show other women that they are not alone with such an illness.

Thank you Amelie for your courage in sharing this important topic with us. You have filled an important void and encouraged us all to speak more sensitively and openly about personal issues.

Thekla Ehling – photographer and professor of photography

Book Info

Size: 13 x 19 cm
Pages: 112

softcover, rubber band

Author: Amelie Sachs

“… a playful, reflective and sharply visual experience”

Ângela Berlinde
Jury Member

Shortlist 2023

Browse all Shortlisted Books on our Youtube Channel 

Jennifer Drabbe, NL

 Today is my new favourite day

23,9 x 32,6 cm, 80pp
laminated binding with 2 singer 
sewn booklets and a sleeve

Marco Marzocchi, IT


20 x 25,8 cm, 320pp

Lukas Zander, DE

Seele braucht Heimat

21,3 x 29 cm, 160pp
3 integrated hand-bound booklets
with 3 Prints (19 x 25 cm)

Yorgos Kapsalakis, GR

I was looking for the sun, but it was hiding

13,5 x 21 cm, 108pp
softcover, Swiss brochure


Rafael Roncato, NL/BR

Tropical Trauma Misery Tour

10,8 x 16,9 cm, 306pp

Giorgio Barbetta, IT

Ignari Totius Corporis

18 x 26 cm, 56pp
saddle stitch
little blue envelope in the back

Nicola Zolin, IT


15 x 20 cm, 20pp
singer sewn booklet, 144pp
open spine
both in slipcase

Polo Farrera, MX

En Búsqueda De Ausencias

17 x 22 cm, 142pp
hardcover, Swiss brochure, open spine

Stas Ginzburg, USA

Flowers 2020–2022

24,8 x 31,9 cm, 132pp
softcover, glue binding

Kanta Nomura, JP

The Yoshida Dormitory – Old Darkroom

20,5 x 26 cm, 188pp
Japanese fold with Japanese binding

Daniel Martinez, ES


17 x 21,7 cm, 80pp
hardcover Japanese fold
hidden pictures in folds

Luigi Cecconi, IT

Incorrect Theory

7,5 x 11,5 cm, 70pp
hardcover, glue binding
wooden sculpture

Anna Pylypyuk & Volodymir Shypotilnykov, UKR

Photography Firmly Enters the Everyday

23 x 28 cm, 160pp
hardcover, open spine

Piero Martinello & Piero Casentini, IT

The Weight of the Word

21 x 29,7 cm, 308pp

Russ Thompson, USA

A Wilderness

21,5 x 28, 92pp

Magnus Terhorst, DE

Definition von Glück

13,8 x 20,9 cm, 112pp
hardcover, open spine

Laurent Fiorentino, CH

Un groupe de vers obscènes me fit hésiter

70 x 50 cm, 20pp

Mariet Dingemans, NL

One Shower a Week

20,2 x 27,7 cm, 180pp
softcover, Swiss brochure, open spine

Enka Springub, DE


21,3 x 27,5 cm, 202pp


Christina Werner, AT

Thank you. I prefer lions

19,5 x 24,4 cm, 96pp

Calvin Hein, DE


18 x 24 cm, 226pp
hardcover, open spine with a curtain

Fleur Huijsdens, NL

Felis Silvestris Catus

22 x 32 cm, 122pp
hardcover, Swiss brochure, open spine, integrated booklet

Alexandra Iulia Corcode, RO

Your Death is in my Hands

16,5 x 23,8 cm, 116pp
softcover, hand stiched


Amelie Sachs, DE


13 x 19 cm, 112pp
softcover, rubber band

Luca Iovino, IT

The name we hold

16 x 23 cm, 110pp
softcover, Swiss brochure, open spine

Carla Rossi, CH


24 x 31,8 cm, 112pp
softcover with silicon details

Breno Rotatori, BR


19,5 x 23 cm, 368pp
softcover, open spine

Jana Nowack & Dayna Grosz, DE

Mistake or Miracle

21 x 29,7 cm, 36pp
saddle stitch, poster

Maya Vieth, DE

Während wir schlafen,
ziehen die Wölfe
um die Häuser

17 x 24 cm, 118pp
softcover, Swiss brochure,
open spine + 8pp hand-stitched Booklet

Lucilia Monteiro, PT

Imagem Foto – Corpo e Lugar

21 x 27 cm, 186pp

Kazuya Urakawa, JP

The Sumida River Almanac

21 x 12 cm, 786pp
Japanese binding and fold
+ 24,1 x 33, 112pp
hand-stitch book block


Kouta Takahashi, JP


18,8 x 24,3 cm, 172pp
hardcover, open spine, Swiss brochure, glued in pictures

Kyokin Nakamura, JP


25,7 x 36,5 cm, 144pp
ring binding

Jansen van Staden, ZA


23 x 23 cm, 142pp

Julia Mejnertsen, DK


17,2 x 23,2 cm, 446pp
softcover, bullet hole in the back

Luca D’Agostino, IT


20 x 25,5, 66pp
softcover, Swiss brochure,
open spine with a poster and a print (12,6 x 17,8 cm)

Theresa Roth, DE

Blicke auf Hannelore

21,5 x 20 cm, 152pp
hardcover, obi band


Srinivas Kuruganti, IN

Pictures in my hand of a boy I still resemble

16,5 x 21,8 cm, 180pp

Bruno Claro, BR/PT

tentativas operatórias no tratamento de certas psicoses

21,0 x 26,5 cm, 96pp
softcover, open spine

Amin Omnar, DE


26,4 x 40,8 cm, 126pp
softcover, Japanese binding, sleeve

Véronique Besnard, FR

The Wall

24 x 31,5 cm, 126pp

Chantal Seitz, DE

Stay safe out there

21,4 x 27,9 cm, 92pp
hardcover, open spine, folded pages in the middle and a poster

Katerina Motylova, UKR


20 x 26 cm, 60pp
hardcover, open spine


Constantin Grolig, DE


20,5 x 27,5 cm, 96pp
hardcover, open spine


Carlos Alba, ES

I´ll bet the devil my head

12,2 x 17,1 cm, 56pp

Ann Massal, FR

On love, violence and the lack of it

16,5 x 22 cm, 106pp
hardcover, Leporello pages

Elaine Meisner, DE

Your free trail has come to an end

21,5 x 28 cm, 112pp

Patrick Slesiona, DE

Blaue Flecken

18,8 x 24,2 cm, 96pp
hardcover, Swiss brochure, open spine

Steven Natusch, DE

What will be different tomorrow?

19,8 x 24,8 cm, 116pp
hardcover, open spine


Igor Chekachkov, UKR

100 days of war

13 x 21 cm, 240pp
hardcover, Moleskine notebook
with glued-in pictures

The Dummy Award Catalogue 2023

For the first time in the award’s history we printed a catalogue presenting (not only) this years shortlist. Nicolas Polli from Ciao Press put in his structuring design magic while Ufuk Şahin from MAS added that little extra silver plate on press. The result is amazing!

Distributed for free at all exhibiting events and venues, to design/photography faculties and of course at Rencontres d’Arles and Paris Photo. 

Best seen in print – but alternatively as a download. Have a look!

generously supported by:

The 2023 Shortlist Jury

This year we gathered a highly interesting mix of jurors. Raging from a curator to a designer, from an art historian to a publisher and from a museum director to a printer the jury sifted passionatly trough all the books and after hard fights and discussion came up with an impressing lineup of dummies for this years shortlist.

* Anastasiia Leonova

is a publisher, art manager and curator, co-founder of IST Publishing house based in Ukraine. From 2014 to 2020 she ran a small independent art gallery of contemporary art in Kharkiv. With a background in sociology and art history she has a focus on photography and photobooks. Leonova is the curator of the BOOK CHAMPIONS WEEKEND festival and coordinator of the Eastern region of the UPHA (Ukrainian Photography Alternative).

* Anja Schürmann

is working as Permanent Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities Essen (KWI). Her post-doc project deals with visual narration in the photobook. It examines visual narration in photobooks on both a narrative-theoretical and an aesthetic level of iconicity. She has written several essays on this topic and co-edited a thematic issue of the journal Fotogeschichte with Steffen Siegel. In 2016 she won the 1st prize of the international talent competition of C/O Berlin in the field of art criticism. 

* Ângela Ferreira

aka Ângela Berlinde is an artist, photography curator and lecturer in various faculties in Portugal and Brasil. She was co-founder and artistic director of the Portuguese Photofestival Encontros da Imagem in Braga and very recently curated Solar FotoFestival in Fortaleza, Brasil. She is co-founder of the Portuguese Photobooks Observatory, an online ptafform dedicated to the study of Portuguese books.

* Nicolas Polli

is a photographer, graphic designer and the publisher of CIAO Press. After he founded Yet Magazine together with Salvatore Vitale he has started his own graphic design studio Atelier CIAO. Polli lives in Bienne, Switzerland where he is designing books for various photographers, publishers and festivals and has made himself a name as amateur pizzaiolo.

* Ufuk Şahin

studied photography at Hofstra University, NY. Since 2007, he has been part of the core team at MAS printing house as the second-generation manager and partner. In 2010, he founded MASA, a publishing house specializing in facsimiles, photobooks and art-books; which has since published more than 40 books. He is a photography enthusiast and an avid photobook collector.

* Frederic Lezmi

is a photographer, designer and photobook curator. He is artistic director of The PhotoBookMuseum in Cologne, wich he co-founded together with Markus Schaden in 2014. Lezmi teaches photobook design at various universities and faculties in Germany (FH Dortmund, FH Hannover and DHBW Ravensburg).

Jury Statement: 


The Timeless Power of Photobooks and the Greatest Hits of the Dummy Award 

We love with passion the Book, the Photography, and definitely the feverish combination of the two. The power and popularity of the photobooks its timeless. The phenomenon has lasted now for more than twenty years and it´s exciting to say the genre continues to flourish more than ever, as brave photographers challenge the format in innovative ways, offering us a level of ingenuity, experimentation, consciousness, and sophistication that had rarely been achieved before.

One of the most sparkle vitality of the photobook dummy is that arrives still in potency, directly from the brain & heart of the artist, without filters, fresh of desires and also with wonderful mistakes. This is the vitality point of the dummy which rests essentially on a combination of risks of talented artists, generating a territory in which photography expresses its true narrative potential. While some build on traditional formats, others push to deliver the most unique and intimate art experiences imaginable, where the books are vacillating between the art objects, sculpture installations or literature pocket books. Many of the books address plural themes, as gender borders, personal stories, examine the dramatic war conflicts or lift underrepresented voices. In contrast, other titles stand out as reprieve from these turbulent times.

The 2023 Photobook Dummy Award collection embraces the different approaches and latitudes which seeks to uncover a huge laboratory for search of meaning to face turbulent times, offering a playful, reflective and sharply visual experience. 

Ângela Berlinde & the jury of the Dummy Award 2023

The World Tour 2023

Two boxes with the 50 shortlisted dummy travel the world! To 18 venues, festivals or initiatives in 15 countries on 3 continents.  Worldwide dummy exposure guaranteed!

  • NOKS Art Space, Istanbul, Turkey → 25.11.– 03.12.2023
  • NOKS Art Space, Istanbul, Turkey → 25.11.– 03.12.2023
    NOKS Art Space, Istanbul, Turkey → 25.11.– 03.12.2023
  • KA – Space for Visual Culture and Artistic Thinking, Ankara, Turkey → 9.11. – 19.11.2023
  • Reminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo, Japan →18.11.2023 – 27.11.2023
  • Reminders Photography Stronghold, Kyoto, Japan →03.11. – 12.11.2023
  • Reminders Photography Stronghold, Kyoto, Japan →03.11. – 12.11.2023
  • Photobook Week Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark → 01.11 – 5.11.2023
  • JIP Fest, Jakarta, Indonesia → 9.09 – 25.09.2023
  • JIP Fest, Jakarta, Indonesia → 9.09 – 25.09.2023
  • JIP Fest, Jakarta, Indonesia → 9.09 – 25.09.2023
  • Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, Milano, Italy → 21.09 – 15.10.2023
  • Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, Milano, Italy → 21.09 – 15.10.2023
  • Fotofestiwal, Łódź, Poland → 15.06 – 25.06.2023
  • Fotofestiwal, Łódź, Poland → 15.06 – 25.06.2023
  • Fotofestiwal, Łódź, Poland → 15.06 – 25.06.2023
  • Lumenvisum, Hong Kong → 26.06 – July 16, 2023
  • Lumenvisum, Hong Kong → 26.06 – July 16, 2023
  • Lumenvisum, Hong Kong → 26.06 – July 16, 2023
  • The PhotoBookMuseum, Cologne, Germany → 12.05 – 25.05.2023
  • The PhotoBookMuseum, Cologne, Germany → 12.05 – 25.05.2023
  • The PhotoBookMuseum, Cologne, Germany → 12.05 – 25.05.2023
  • Grisart, Barcelona, Spain → 26.04 –30.05.2023
  • Grisart, Barcelona, Spain → 26.04 –30.05.2023
  • Grisart, Barcelona, Spain → 26.04 –30.05.2023

Tour dates

Format Festival, Derby, England → 16.03 – 9.04.2023

Officine Fotografiche, Rome, Italy → 1.04 – 20.04.2023

Grisart, Barcelona, Spain → 26.04 – 30.05.2023

Photoszene Köln / The PhotoBookMuseum, Cologne → 12.05 – 25.05.2023

Fotofestiwal, Łódź, Poland → 15.06 – 25.06.2023

Lumenvisum, Hong Kong → 26.06 – July 16.07.2023

Rencontres Arles, France (Reception) → 06.07.2023

PhotoIreland, Dublin, Ireland → 13.07 – 16.07.2023

CCP, Melbourne, Australia → 11.08 – 26.08.2023

JIP Fest, Jakarta, Indonesia → 9.09 – 25.09.2023

Istituto Italiano di Fotografia, Milano, Italy → 21.09 – 15.10.2023

Photobook Week Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark → 01.11 – 5.11.2023

Reminders Photography Stronghold, Kyoto, Japan  →03.11. – 12.11.2023

Reminders Photography Stronghold, Tokyo, Japan →18.11.2023 – 27.11.2023

KA – Space for Visual Culture and Artistic Thinking, Ankara, Turkey → 9.11. – 19.11.2023

NOKS Art Space, Istanbul, Turkey → 25.11.– 03.12.2023

Photobook Festival, Leipzig, Germany → 09.03. – 10.03.2024

Mystetska biblioteka, Lviv, Ukraine → 2.04.-18.04.2024

subject to change – check latest tour dates on Instagram

If you are organising a festival or run an institution or art space and you are interested in hosting the Dummy Award Shortlist please get in touch with . We are especially looking forward to add locations in Africa and North/South America to our world tour.

World Tour News


→ 25.11.– 03.12.2023

NOKS Art Space, Istanbul, Turkey

→ 18.11.– 28.11.2023

Reminders Photography, Tokyo, Japan

→ 2.04.-18.04.2024

Mystetska biblioteka, Lviv, Ukraine

→ 9.-10.03.2024

Leipzig Photobook Festival, Leipzig, Germany

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