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Announcing the Dummy Award ’24 shortlist

On March 9th the jury met in Cologne to go through all 420 submitted dummies sent in from 44 countries.  In the end, 50 books were selected to make up the shortlist of the Dummy Award ’24. Congratulations to all the shortlisted artists! 

Kicking off the World Tour in Cologne

The Dummy Award ’24 shortlist is going to travel around the world, visiting different festivals and venues in the coming year. To start off this travelling exhibition, the dummies are on display at The PhotoBookMuseum in Cologne until May. 

Shortlist 2024

Browse all Shortlisted Books on our Youtube Channel 

Lea Greub, DE

No Georgian Dream

19,5 x 24,5cm, 127pp
hardcover, open spine

Ellen Smeets, BE

Reconstructions as fundamental methods

23 x 27cm, 112pp
softcover, Swiss brochure, open spine 

Simon Deppe, DE

Nichts, nichts …

23,5 x 23,5cm, 164pp


Aimilia A. Theofilopoulos, DE

Die Wand ist nicht tragend

22,5 x 31,5cm, 70pp
softcover with little saddle stitched booklet 

Yoshikatsu Fujii, JP


21 × 27cm, 130pp
softcover, Japanese fold with Japanese binding 

Samuel Henne, DE


23 x 30cm, 240pp
softcover, perfect bound


MAryam Touzani, NL/MA


18 x 25cm, 64pp
softcover, two saddle stitched booklets in cardboard fold 

Noga Shragai, IL/PS


15 x 22cm, 75pp
hardcover, open spine


Ulises Lozano, CH

Coming in

21,5 x 26,4cm, 148pp
hardcover, painted linen


Emanuele Occhipinti, IT

A’ Muntagna

16 x 21cm, 200pp
hardcover with canvas, thread binding 

Debora Mabel Caro Reyes, CL


13 x 9cm, 88pp
3 softcover booklets with a saddle stitch binding, enclosed in a folder

Vixtoria Salomonsen, DK

Your Eyes

14,5 x 19cm, 160pp
softcover, Swiss brochure, open spine 

Oleg Savunov, RU

Nostalgia for Ruins

29,7 x 41,6cm, 22pp
soft cover, saddle stitched 

Marika Kochiashvili, GE/ UK

Peeping Dyke

10 x 21,7cm, 30pp
softcover, accordion fold

Edith Geuppert, DE

The Procedure

16,5 x 24,0cm, 136pp
softcover with open spine in a plastic bag 

Taisuke Nakano, JP


18,2 × 25,7cm, 192pp
softcover, Japanese fold with Japanese binding

Kazuhei Kimura, JP


12,8 × 21cm, 80pp
hardcover, with 3 glued in saddle stitched booklets


Teona Mskhvilidze, GE

miːəm (me/them)

29,4 x 20,8cm, 56pp
hardcover, thread binding


Federico Possati, IT

Almanac of Forgotten Memories

14,8 x 20cm, 368pp
softcover, perfect bound 

Edgar Martinez, VE


18,4 x 22,7cm, 184pp
softcover, saddle stitched with belly band

Amanda Sauer, US

Giant Willow Oak

27 x 40,7cm, 68pp
softcover, Swiss brochure, bound to cover

Tim Gassauer, DE


20 x 26cm, 150pp

Martin de Crignis, DE

The Beauty & The Boys

18cm x 24cm, 200pp
softcover, wire-o-binding

Byron Co, PH/DE


23 x 31,5cm, 168pp
hardcover, thread binding, with glassine inserts 

Teresa Pistorius, DE

Like the Waves Appear and Disappear and Appear Again

21 x 27cm, 72pp
hardcover, Swiss brochure, open spine 

Yulia Skogoreva, RU


21 x 24cm, 128pp
softcover, Japanese binding in a traditional Japanese box

Victoria Jung, DE

fever dream

23 x 30cm, 160pp
softcover, spiral bound

Francesca Bergamini, IT

Beauty is a currency

17 x 24cm, 151pp
softcover, perfect bound

Bruce Eesly, DE

New Farmer

14,8 x 21cm, 40pp
softcover, saddle stitched

Leonard Mann, DE

Dancing Stallions

10,1 x 14,1cm, 96pp


Hayun Chun, KR

/imagine prompt: a swimming pool for artist

15 x 15cm, 104 pp
hardcover in a miniature pool 

Kyosei Yoshiike, JP


70 × 40cm, 92pp
Bradel Allemand,cardboard

Arez Ghaderi, IR

Hello Italy

11,5 x 1 5,5cm, 96pp
softcover, thread binding with fold outs

Patrik Fica, CZ

Rave in The Grave

20 x 27,4cm, 111pp
softcover, perfect bound, risograph printed

Colectivo Estética Unisex, MX/ CO

The Book of the Four Actions

12 x 17cm, 208pp
softcover, open spine

Keiji Fujimoto, JP

equals zero

21 x 14.5cm, 222pp
9 saddle stitched booklets tied together in a slipcase

Laila Nahar, US

Will you come to Rome with me?

14 x 20,3cm, 128pp
hardcover, Swiss brochure, open spine

Amparo Baquerizas, AR/ ES

Gauchito Querido

18,5 x 23,5cm, 502pp
hardcover Swiss brochure, ribbon page markers

Louis Roth, DE

Fata Morgana

23 x 32cm, 62pp
softcover, saddle stitched

Chloé Nicosia, FR


17 x 24cm, 106pp
softcover, perfect bound

Lin Wei-Lun, TW


10,5 x 14,8cm, 48pp
hardcover, handmade single stitch binding

Cynthia Ruf, DE

creating something leads to nothing

18,5 x 25cm, 144pp
hardcover, open spine

Carolin Klemm, DE

Bantam rot

15 x 21cm, 96pp
hardcover, thread binding with saddle stitched appendix booklet


Dhika Prabowo, ID


25 x 35,3cm, 118pp
double sided Japanese Binding wrapped in goat leather jacket


Moe Suzuki, JP


27,4mm x 21,4cm, 278pp

Luisa Maria Stagno, CO/LU

Flip Standard

18 x 18cm, 224pp
softcover, perfect bound

Alexey Yurenev, RU

Seeing Against Seeing

18 x 11cm, 406pp
softcover, open spine in metal case

Julia Bohle, DE


21 x 29,7cm, 40pp
softcover, open spine, saddle stitched, red acetate cover

Anique Jordan, CA


22cm x 32cm, 172pp

Onnis Luque, MX


21,5 x 14,5cm, 69pp
softcover, wire-o-binding

Guillaume Holzer, FR

Territoire Nomade

14×21 cm, 96pp
hardcover, Swiss brochure, open spine